All you should do is follow his advice.

I broke my wrist when I fell on it.

Let's just go to sleep.

His statement admits of no doubt.


My niece is the daughter of my sister.

Today, you have listen to what I'm telling you.

I'm not accustomed to being in the limelight.

What would you do next?

I never called you a liar.

Have you eaten your lunch yet?

We never met.

Stanley is getting frantic.

Novo says I'm not dependable.

She asked me to pick her up at the station.

I don't care how bad it hurts.

I assumed you'd find out sooner or later.

We should pass on our culture to the next generation.

Parents would never abandon their children for anything in this world.

I'm going to miss you guys.

I awoke this morning to find the summit of the mountain covered with snow.

We went to the spring for water.

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The construction of this project will provide 2,000 jobs.

In a few days, the baby will be able to walk.

He's always trying to impose his will.

His life is free from care.

The government is coming under pressure to change the law.

How could you let something like that happen?

Where in the world is Pam?

Let me make something perfectly clear.

Anita was a fussy baby.

Sometimes it feels like the only thing I do is work.

I'm interested.

All eyes turned towards her.

I betrayed you.

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The trailer goes with the car.

Let's hope the government respects our agreement.

We both want the same thing.

Sumitro is getting emotional.

A violinist I know says that he owns a Stradivarius.

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He dislikes the principal.

They all sat.

Hanako questioned his sincerity.


Your skin is so soft.

There's no hiding the fact from her.

I want you to pick up every single toy off the floor and put it on your shelf.


The abstract analysis of the world by mathematics and physics rests on the concepts of space and time.

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Hon won't get home until 2:30.

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That is the first step.

That was significant.

You'll be expelled from school.

I had planned to stop at the supermarket on the way home, but it was closed.

The drug must go through clinical trials before being approved.

Wash your feet.

I've heard Italian is a tricky language.

Are you certain about that?

I told Niels not to go out after dark.

Let me do the talking.

We translated the novel from Japanese to English.


Ric thinks there's something Lenora isn't telling him.

In her time, Lila was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Miki hasn't budged for over an hour.

We naturally take pride in the old temples of our country.

You would do well to correct your mistakes.

Joachim told Allen that he didn't like her sense of humor.

Next Saturday, I will go to Paris.

My brother and I share the same room.

Roberto doesn't need to go to the store.

The wound left a scar on his arm.

Did Marlena take Maria home?

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Giles is proud of Claude.

He bought something for Cory.

We expect that he'll help us.

One feels that the city has grown slowly and each age has left its mark.

How can I turn up the stove?


He was tired from walking round museums.


Marguerite told me he'd left his wife.

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Can I have seconds on rice and cabbage?

She panicked when she heard the news.

This is not funny.

The cow miscarried.

I don't mind your staying here.

Mind if I join you?

The rock rolled down the hillside.

Serve with vegetables and rice.

I suggested that he go there at once.

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There isn't an orange on the table.


I started to cry.

It is difficult to speak in public.

Maybe you should try it.

I'm sure that she will get angry.

The richer they got, the more confident they became.

If only we didn't have to take a test in English.

A car has one steering wheel.

Lenora put everything back into the bag.

She got her master's degree three years ago.

Fletcher doesn't love Marty like he used to.

Violent fires soon burn out themselves.

She has perfected the art of handling difficult customers.

I want to spend all my time with you.

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Kamel looks embarrassed.


It would be very sad, were I to relate all the misery and privations which the poor little duckling endured during the hard winter.


As time goes on, grief fades away.

Tonight I've got to do get ready for tomorrow.

He who wears armor falls with a big crash!

I'll only talk to them.

I'm handling this.


I know you've got a secret.

It's the least I could do.

She committed many sins in her youth.

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Palestine should be the country of all those who wish to live there peacefully, not a land destined to a religious or ethnic group at the expense of indigenous groups.

Everyone has to do this.

President Cathy Johnson made a victory speech.

Al is quite boring, isn't he?

I'll return at half past six.


Though it stopped raining, the wind was still blowing hard.


You're the best friend I've ever had.

Mason promised Elijah that he would help her.

He is not being careful.

The first few years were difficult.

I know what we need to do.

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But for your help, I would have failed.


Christiaan Barnard was a South African doctor.

I don't think Soohong will enjoy this movie.

Does your dress become me?

I'm now staying at my uncle's.

Tickets are $30 per person and may be purchased in advance or at the door.

Persimmons are highly nutritious and a great delicacy, but sometimes you get a sour one.

We've been working on this for five months. Don't fuck it up now.


I didn't order rice.

They argued about the sentence.

What's the name of the store where you bought that?

I've explained that to them.

Does he love me?

We've only been married for three years.

Gunnar was only interested in sex and booze.


No thank you, I'm full.


It's the best choice without doubt. Don't think it.

The scientist maintained that the theory should be tested through experiments.

I want to know what's going on here.

His plan is still in the air.

Lievaart is always trying to do the impossible.

You're wrong, as usual.

Scarcely had I gone to bed when the telephone rang.


How did you train your dog to come when you call him?


The one washing the car is Mr. Jones.

Last week I was in Boston with my wife.

He's clearly lying.

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The horse that we can't buy will always have a defect.

I spent the whole day in reading the novel.

Seventy-five percent of the world's tornadoes occur in the US.


It is ten minutes to eleven.


We couldn't go there because we didn't have a car.

You don't know how bad I want to see you.

Thanks for sticking around.

Everything around me reminds me of you.

In which language did the father write?


My brother looks a lot like me.


We should let you see them.

I drink coffee after dinner.

Parents are being overwhelmed by the back to school technology requirements for their children, and many are buying the wrong devices.


Since when have you been in a relationship?

Yesterday, I went to the market to buy some sweet oranges.

Jisheng didn't have anything to worry about.

May I borrow your bike?

Why should I be there?